Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. (Ephesians 4:3)


Morning Watch This Week

Basic Lessons on Service
Lesson 7
The Practice of the Lord’s Table Meeting (4)

Lev. 1:1-2 – Footnotes 11, 21

Lev. 3:1-2 – Footnotes 11, 12, 23
Lesson 7 – Paragraphs 1 - 2

Heb. 2:12
Lev. 1:3 – Footnote 31
IV. Presenting Christ as the peace offering to the Father:
A. The peace offering being the center of the basic offerings:

Morning Watch This Week

Lev. 7:37-38 – Footnotes 371, 372
1. From God’s side based upon:
a. The burnt offering—Lev. 1.
b. The meal offering—Lev. 2.
2. From our side based upon:
a. The trespass offering—Lev. 5.
b. The sin offering—Lev. 4.

Lev. 1:14 – Footnote 141
B. The required peace offering:
1. An ox from the herd—3:1.
2. A sheep from the flock—v. 6.
3. A lamb—v. 7.
4. A goat—v. 12.

Lev. 7:12-13 – Footnotes 121, 131
C. The peace offering for thanksgiving—7:12-13:
1. With unleavened cakes mingled with oil.
2. With unleavened wafers anointed with oil.
3. With cakes of fine flour saturated and mingled with oil.
4. In addition, with leavened bread.

Focus: When the problem of our trespasses and sin is solved by Christ as the trespass offering and the sin offering, and when God and we are satisfied with Christ as the burnt offering and the meal offering, we can offer Christ to God the Father as the peace offering for our mutual enjoyment in peace.

Hymn 1104

Our Meetings

Lord's Table
Sunday at 9:30 am

This is a meeting where we gather to remember the Lord in praise and worship and to partake of the bread and the cup as the Lord instructed. We try not to be formal or ritualistic, rather the meeting is designed to give everyone a chance to participate in order to touch the Lord with their spirit.

Ministry and Prophecying
Sunday at 10:30 am

This meeting usually has 4 elements: singing, a message from the Bible, a time of review of the message in groups of 4 - 6 people, and a time of "prophecying". When we speak of prophecying, we do not stress a supernatural prediction of the future. We mean that all the members are encouraged to speak something for the Lord based on 3 main elements: what they have just heard and reviewed from the message, their knowledge of the truth, and their experience and enjoyment of the Lord. After the meeting some families remain to eat lunch together. It is a pot luck dinner in which each brings whatever they have prepared and all share together. Other families are in the habit of inviting guests to come to their house for lunch.

Tuesday at 8:00 pm

In the prayer meetings we do spend some time to touch the Lord in spirit through the Word. This brings us into an atmosphere and spirit where we are able to pray to the Lord in spirit according to His leading.

Saturday at 7:00 pm

In this meeting we pray over the Word, learn some new songs or enjoy some we know, and have some ministry of the Word. We come together before the meeting for supper together at the hall. A few prepare the food for everyone and the rest chip in a couple dollars to help pay for it.

Family Meeting
Friday at 7:30 pm

This is a time for parents and children to enjoy singing together and then to learn from the stories of the bible. Once a month is an activity time rather than the story time.

Young People's Meeting
Friday at 8:00 pm

The young people get together in someone's home each week to enjoy the Lord together through singing and through some material which they review and share with each other.

Home Meetings
Throughout the week

There are smaller meetings in homes in English, Spanish or Chinese. The nature and content of the meetings varies according to the needs of those in the meeting.

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